Monday, October 4, 2010

Let Me Rant.. just a bit.

First, let me start on a good note by saying OU BEAT TEXAS!! YAY! First time since '07 and Im sooo happy. We have yet to lose this year. The weekend was crazy by the way, because, being in the Pride, I left in one of 7 buses with the rest of the band to go to Texas and I had a nonstop gogogo weekend. Im still trying to catch up on the sleep. There was some good and some bad, and I got to look pretty and I got to perform for lots of people so yay to that. And OU won like I said.

Also, tonight I basically finished my Chem hw thats due tomorrow night and I feel really accomplished. But right now, Im in quite a different mood.

So here goes...
I came to college to do college: get an education, learn some good life skills, gain skills and knowledge in order to have a great and successful future, etc. Yes, its college, and Im going to experience the college life. BUT I will not sacrifice my grades or my learning or my future just to experience a little more of that life.
Yet, some people think that having those priorities is wrong apparently.

While Ive been at school for all of what a month and a half? Ive been told that Im stuck in highschool and that Im childish because I like to go to sleep at a decent time when I have class at 8:30 the next morning. Ive been told Im childish because I wont just agree with whatever someone else wants. Ive been told Im childish because Id like to make compromises and share equally what I do with someone else. Im childish because I go to class everyday. Im stuck in highschool because I study for exams more than an hour in advance and I do my homework before the day its due. Also, because I dont just agree with whatever anyone tells me (im not a pushover) Im obviously not easy to work with.

Thats so strange to me because Ive always grown up thinking the opposite. Its funny the things people get in their heads. Thinking staying out til 3am every night, not going to almost any class, failing, not doing homework, etc. is all part of the college life and how it should be. And going around making fun and talking bad about people that dont agree with you or that choose to live their life different makes you cool. Oh, and doing things simply to bother someone or piss him/her off also makes you cool. And just outright telling them the way they live their life is wrong is totally fine. Gosh, I cant wait til some of these people get out into the real world. For now I just keep telling myself, some day that person will be asking for the job as my janitor and Ill say "Nope, you're even not worthy enough for that." YEP!

Haha so enough of the rant, my life is going pretty good. The cold here is making me miss Cali more, but I have made a few really close friends and some good friends as well and Im kinda just going with it. Im going to visit some family this weekend, so yay to that, and my mom is coming to visit in a couple of weeks! I cant wait. Im gonna send my stuff for my friends out there in Cali with my mom when she comes, so be expecting it (kirsten)!

Anyway, thats enough for now. Im off to go to bed because Im tired and Im childish so I go to bed at a reasonable time! Night!

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  1. Keep being childish, it's all good. Did you use the "you'll be workin at Sonic Bitch!", actually I bet the parental units would be interested to know about the behavior.