Sunday, September 26, 2010

Shopaholism? NO!

Since my last post was over two weeks ago I felt it was time for a new. This weekend was my first weekend off – no football! …at least not here. BUT OU did have our fourth straight win this weekend. Anyway, because I didn’t have a game to be at yesterday, I did not have practice on Friday and so I went to my Grandma’s house to visit a bunch of my family. My brother, sister-in-law, and niece were gone but my grandmother was there instead which was exciting. I got some new Uggs, a memory foam mattress topper (because college beds are so comfortable! Not.), and my grandma even got me and OU snuggie! Haha. How I love her. I got to see Keri a lot too which was cool. Keri is my… cousin? Haha I never know exactly how that family stuff works but I think shes like my second cousin or something. Anyway, I got to see her motorcycle and the new one she wants and it made me want one even more. But Ill have one eventually.
Speaking of stuff I want, I really want one of those new iPod touch nano things. Preferably the green one. But Ill probably never get one. Oh well. Maybe. And, oh yeah, I forgot to mention that we went out to get me a winter coat so I wont freeze and we somehow ended up with Uggs instead. Im not complaining. But, as we were looking at coats and as I look online some more I keep seeing so many of these really cute coats that I want. BAD. This is bad. Oh well.
So Im finishing up another bracelet and then Ill be mailing my first package out. So exciting I know. I needa figure out how to mail it though. Sad right? And I cant wait to get more boxes from my mom and stuff. GAH! I love surprises and presents. I bought new make up earlier this week which was good because I needed it and oh yeah PIZZA TUESDAY is this week. Its gonna be Taco Tuesday and Fajita Tuesday sometime but for now its Tacos. And I wanna make cake.
Besides all that, its SAXET WEEEEEK! (texas week duh) and its crazy because, since Im in the Pride, we have a whole fun week and weekend ahead of us and all I know is I will be EXHAUSTED by the end. Oh shizz. Its gonna be so fun though. The guard captains have all this cool stuff planned for us and then we leave Friday (the school even cancelled classes because its saxeT week) and the Pride has plans for the whole weekend. Crazzzzy. Ahh Im so excited.
Well, Id write more but I have some homework. OH! Speaking of homework, I had a Philosophy exam on Friday which I totally owned, and I had a Calculus exam on Monday, which I got points off of for being too smart (doing the work in my head instead of showing it on the paper because it was that easy. Haha) And overall I feel good about how much I study and about how I do my work and everything so yea. I came to college to do college and that’s what Im doing.
Well, talk to everyone later!