Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Home home home home HOME

I'm sitting in the Denver Airport. Yep, I'm writing a blog in an airport. Why? Well I'm freaking bored that's why. I have like an hour or something til I leave here so why not? In a few hours I will be arriving in Sacramento, California where I will be located for the remainder of my vacation from OU. Sactown is my home and that's where I like to be when I have the time. Tonight, my highschool's winterguard has their first practice since their winter break which I will be attending. I'm exciting because I got to write the weapon audition routines for both sabre and rifle, and I get to teach those routines tonight! Also, the final cut of the music has been made and therefore I get to start writing work for the show. WOOT!

I've been trying to dabble in some colorguard teaching for a while now. Though I have no intention of making a 'career' out of colorguard teaching, I do quite enjoy writing routines, shows, etc. and I would certainly love to tech whenever I get the chance, and maybe even be an instructor one day. Wouldn't that be legit?

Indeed.  Yea I really dont have much to say but I was bored and I thought Id share. So.. I guess Ill sit here some more and do nothing? Maybe color in my hello kitty coloring book? That sounds good I guess.


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