Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I didn't forget you...

Today my boyfriend reminded me that I have a blog I'm supposed to be keeping up with. I assume that most of  you don't just solely follow my blog so I'm sure you have gotten the gist of what has gone on, but since I have a few minutes before class, I will shed my stories.

I last left off with that moment in time where I was feeling quite stressed with everything. Since then things have changed quite a bit. First off, my now ex-roommate decided to go off on me about that blog, claiming I was "talking shit" about her and everyone else behind their backs (even though it was publicly online) and that everyone felt like this, not just her. She claimed she thinks its wrong because she never talks about people behind their back and doesn't post stuff online about people (remember this for later). I found out, however, that she was the ONLY person who thought that blog was me talking crap. In fact, some of my friends hadn't read and hadn't planned on reading it. Those who had understood how I was feeling and knew I meant nothing bad. So, false accusations and lying to pretend you have back up? Cool.

Whatever, I dont remember what happened after that but things went back to normal. For a little while. Then, one night I found out that my roommate and suitemate had been planning on moving out and into a different room together and weren't going to tell me unless the move got approved. I thought they were my friends but this is when I started noticing otherwise. The next day we were all supposed to go out for dinner for my suitemates birthday. A small group of my friends and I (the ones Ill be living with next year) had already planned to go to a movie that same night, just the four of us. So we decided to go after dinner. We didn't invite anyone else because it was just for us and we figured it shouldn't be a problem since they had already planned to do stuff without us (like going to get their nails done on my suitemates actual birthday). The only reason we even told them about us going out was because we needed one of them to drive to dinner so they could drive themselves back afterward. Well, apparently we were wrong in doing so. They threw a huge fit and talked about how shitty it was of us to not invite them to every single little thing. Everyone else we didnt invite didnt get mad. Even Tanner didnt get mad! But they did. Whatever. Dinner was awkward because of them and they were treating us like crap.

Later that night I came home to find alcohol on my roommates desk. This is both against the rules of the university and against the law. It made me uncomfortable because I could get in as much trouble as she could just for being in the room with it. So i slept in my friends room that night. Apparently OUPD showed up later on at my door. My roommate wasnt there but she found out and went off on me through text about calling OUPD even though I hadn't. She told me how two-faced I was and etc. etc. and tried to act like she hadn't been already doing stuff behind my back. So then it all went to hell.

She and my suitemate started posting statuses on facebook about the situation and talking crap and etc. just like she said she never does. She started throwing my stuff on the floor, purposely leaving our door unlocked when noone was home meaning someone could easily come in and steal stuff, she would randomly yell at me for doing stuff that was normal and that she had been doing to me even, and the whole time I never retaliated. Why? Because I hadn't done anything in the first place and if I didnt do anything, she had nothing against me. The best part was when my RA asked her about the situation and she said nothing was wrong, everything was fine. When my RA told her to stop lying, she started yelling at my RA. Shows how mature she is right? Also shows that she wanted to hide it, meaning she knows she was the one doing everything wrong.

So, I decided to move out because her room change request didnt get approved. I moved into the room she wanted (lol) and now I live by myself. Its nice. She lives across the hall still and still has some immature grudge against me and so will mock me and what not but shes just an idiot and Im glad Im out of there.

In other news, school is going pretty well. My physics class sucks because my teacher sucks, but everyone is doing about as good as I am in the class so Im not too worried. I got my schedule set up for next semester and I cant wait for Pride to start. Ive been doing extremely well in chemistry and calculus and well english too I guess. I have 3 weeks left of school and the week after that I will be on a plane to California for the summer! Im so excited! Working on finding a job, if anyone knows anyone hiring, let me know.

I have an amazing boyfriend now, as well. It sucks that I only have 3 weeks with him and then we wont see eachother for months, but I cant fix that now. Basically, hes the guy who has been one of my best friends this whole year and I finally realized that I was getting jealous when he talked about other girls, and I didnt want him to be with anyone else, and I realized I really do like him. So now we're together and its great, probably the best relationship Ive had yet and I really expect to be with him for a long time.  He and my brother get along so well, and the rest of my family seems to approve. Yea hes the nerdy, gamer guy, but its cute and I can stand it as long as he spends time with me. Hes smart, and nice for once, and hes white. Wtf right? Haha jk. I have to get to class soon otherwise Id write a whole bunch more but basically Im happy right now. :)


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